A surprise invitation

In January, I received an invitation from the Edmonton/Northern Alberta Branch of the Monarchist League of Canada to accept the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal on behalf of Sister Alice Trottier, fj. (posthumously) at a special presentation ceremony. In fact, Sister Alice had passed away a few weeks earlier on Christmas day.

Special ceremony

On January 29, 2023, 4 Filles de Jésus and 3 of Alice’s nieces attended the ceremony. The special medal was awarded to 12 persons who had been nominated by fellow Albertans in recognition of their valuable contribution to the Province.

The recipients

The Master of ceremonies noted that for 70 years, the late Queen Elizabeth II exemplified the meaning of public service. The Platinum Jubilee Medal honors those who have reflected the same dedication to the service of family, community and country. In being awarded this medal, the recipients were thanked for their dedicated service and their contributions to society.

The medal was presented on behalf of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, the Honorable Salma Lakhani, to Florence Lavigne, fj. And Sharon Lang, Alice’s niece, by Mr. Ken Munroe, former colleague of Alice.


Sister Alice was recognized in these words: “Sister Alice Trottier, a Fille de Jésus, spent her career as a teacher of French-Canadian history and the Roman Catholic religion history in Alberta. Believing it was important to know our past, she combined her teaching with research, writing books and articles, and founded a ‘Salon d’histoire’ for all.”

The award ceremony was followed by a simple reception in the hall, giving an opportunity for the recipients and their family/friends to greet each other and to offer their own congratulations to all the recipients.

We Filles de Jésus, were proud to be present on Alice’s behalf. Although she was not an ardent monarchist, she would have appreciated the recognition for her hard work and dedication in her long career as teacher, author, historical researcher, professor of history, etc.…

The medal and certificate were given to her nieces who considered Alice as a grandmother to them and who wish to add this honor to their rich family history.

Florence Lavigne, fj.

Edmonton, Canada


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