A revitalizing meeting



The Sisters share their experience of the second Latin American Regional Assembly, held in Valle de Angeles, Honduras, from the 4th to the 11th of January 2022. With the General Chapter in view, the meeting united their forces.



Sister Maria Irma Sanchez, delegate of the General Council was present with us as well as three Associates, Laura Meza, Olga Lucia Abril, and Maria Teresa Friz. Françoise and Sister Deyanira from the ESDAC group (Spiritual Exercises for Apostolic Discernment in Common) accompanied us.



An invitation to come and see

The assembly began with words of welcome from Sister Maria Esperanza Avilez Zambrano, Regional Superior of Latin America.



In her introduction she invited us to live a time of prayer with the Gospel of St John 1, 38-39 – “Rabbi, where do you live? … Come and see.” With this text, we felt that we were being invited to return to this personal encounter with Jesus who was telling each one to come and see.  Accepting this personal encounter with Jesus made us feel fulfilled and encouraged us to reach out to others.



Group sharing




After this first time of reflection in assembly, we had times of personal prayer followed by small group work where we shared our experience of meditating on the text. Speaking only when we were holding the plume, allowed us to be attentive and listen without interrupting what the other was sharing. We tried to simply listen, adopting an unprejudiced attitude that welcomed with generosity the richness of each Sister.





An experience of  reconciliation

Another foundational experience was the night of reconciliation. Each one had prepared a symbol with which she herself identified herself and shared the meaning it had for her personally and in her community life and mission.



All that we experienced during the assembly allowed us to revitalize our strength to continue our personal commitment as Daughters of Jesus and in our communities and mission.


Sisters of the Comunity

of San Marcos de Colón, Honduras  

                                                                              Sr Floriselva Corrales Baca dj

 Sr Isemane Magis dj




Un peu


notre famille



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