A presence in a knitting club

Sr Marie Thérèse Hays, Daughter of Jesus, in community at Bignan, France, where the Congregation was founded, participates in a knitting club once a month. She tells us about it.



I had heard about this knitting club for some time. I had some notions of how to knit but signed up as I wanted to learn more.



On Wednesdays, the knitters meet to ply their needles in the media library.

When I saw what everyone was making, I was attracted by a stitch that one of the group was knitting. It was a nice simple stitch, but one that I was keen to learn. So, I started a jumper with some wool I had.



There are about ten of us in the group. One of them, Thérèse Le Bellégo, is visually impaired but continues to work while chatting. She checks the rows with her fingers and counts the stitches in her head. She has to concentrate sometimes however, so as not to make mistakes.



Helping each other with the work

We help and learn from each other as we exchange tips. Chatting together creates a bond between us. The atmosphere is very good, we give each other advice, and we spend a good afternoon relaxing.



A Sister close to the people

The other participants know that I am a religious, which allows us to talk about the celebrations in the parish. We also talk about their families and what is happening in the village and the surrounding area.

My presence remains discreet but close.


We wish to walk in the way of humility,

the way Jesus took

from his birth and hidden life in Nazareth

to the Cross.

                                                 Rule of Life no 6


Sr Marie Thérèse Hays fj,

 Bignan, France


Un peu


notre famille



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