A pilgrimage of the heart


The Sisters in community in Cali, one of the oldest towns in Colombia, tell us of how they responded to the invitation to make a pilgrimage of the heart during Holy Week.




This year the community experienced Holy Week starting out from the invitation given by Monsignor Pablo Emiro, the Archbishop of Barranquilla, to go on a “pilgrimage of the heart”. We should also say that we were able to participate in this thanks to the digital media of television.




To make a “pilgrimage of the heart” makes sense since it was impossible to go to church. We were able however, to meet in the interior of our community space. One Sister recalled that a few Sundays before the Evangelist Saint John had told us:





“The hour will come – in fact it is already here –

when true worshippers

will worship the Father in spirit and truth.”

Gospel of St John 4,23

Being a sign


We would like to thank the priests who encouraged at this critical time. Taking their inspiration from the Word of God they raised our spirits and in a creative way helped us to enter into the Easter Triduum. Each day was an opportunity to prepare for Easter.


Encouraged by the spirit of this week we decided to put up a sign representing the Holy Day. Much to our surprise, as we placed the symbol in the midst of the lonely street, people greeted us with signs of participation and joy. This stimulated us to continue exposing the sign and more than that, to continue being a sign in the midst of this parish community.



“Only gestures of service

and disinterested love,

will liberate and heal at this time

of coronavirus and forever.”








The Sisters of the community of Cali, Colombia


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