A marvellous day of fraternity

A marvellous day

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Wednesday 11th May, our four communities got together for a day out. At a reasonable hour, we set out for La Grande Brière in Loire Atlantique (France).

Our first stop was at Kerhinet, a village distinguished by its houses of carved stone with thatched roofs : magnificent … agreeable … restful …

Ideal weather meant we could wander, breathe in the peace, the beauty, the pleasure of being there, and also appreciate meeting and talking with the people we met : a school group from the Loire, families, retired people …

calèche (4) (1)(1)At midday we came together around a large and welcoming table. The atmosphere was genial and each one enjoyed a delicious meal according to her choice. Intrigued by 14 women together, a man at a neighbouring table asked, “Where are the men?” “They’ve gone fishing!”, one of us replied.

In the afternoon we headed for the site of the Grande Brière. Once there the visit began with a tour in a horse-drawn carriage of the village of Bréca, the person in charge being kind enough to take account of our handicaps. A boat then awaited us where each one installed herself in order to contemplate the remarkable landscape. Throughout the journey we admired a nature rich in flora and fauna, and met up with other boats.

cafe-Greca_MP(1)Finally before going our separate ways, we were offered a hot drink and paused to take a group photo beneath a splendid Judas tree covered in flowers.

At the end of this enchanting day filled with friendship we said our “good-byes”.

Heads filled with good memories we rejoined our communities, happy and full of new enthusiasm.

Thank you to those who organised this day out, it was a perfect success!

Hours of pleasure

for the communities of the sector

(Carnac, Ste Anne d’Auray, St Joachim et Ploeren)


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