A long-awaited visit

In life we all hope to experience happy events: today, June 18th, 2021 in Rimouski, the doors of our house finally open as the sanitary measures are lightened. Life is coming back to our home.



Our Regional superior, Sister Monique Brûlé, has arrived from Trois-Rivières. We are delighted to see faces that have been absent from our home for so long. Gisèle Lacerte, a privileged driver, is happy to be able to renew acquaintance with us and her companions from the distant missions as well as with friends from Rimouski. So many memories must have been evoked during these two days spent with us.



Happy meeting


A young sister from the Ivory Coast, Amandine Niamké, accompanies them. She came to Quebec for two years of training at the Intercommunity Centre in Sherbrooke. Like many students, Because of the events she, like many students has profited from modern techniques, following several of her courses in virtual mode.

It is a joy for us to get to know our young African sister. She tells us about her country, her work as a caregiver with the youth of Cameroon. In turn, during a walk in our beautiful Beauséjour Park in Rimouski, we are happy to help her discover the beauties of our nature and admire the works of sculptors who depict in their own way the life of our corner of the world.

Soon Amandine will leave for her country. We wish her a happy return and lots of time with her family. After a well-deserved break, we wish her much happiness in her mission in Cameroon.






Benefits of the meeting


Jeannine : “To conclude this happy event, Monique, after more than 15 days with us, can you tell us what this stage of freedom that we have been granted represents for you?”

Monique : “The chance to make the trip was a grace for me. Living a new mission in new structures was a great challenge in this time of confinement. When I arrived in Rimouski I was touched and moved to see and hear the sisters express their joy at seeing us again after a long time away. I could hardly believe that I had arrived in Rimouski and that it was also possible for me to continue my journey to Moncton. Today, I realize once again how precious our fraternal meetings are. The virtual techniques that were necessary to accomplish our work during this year will never replace the human aspect that we need to move forward in life.”




Jeannine D’Amours Rimouski, Canada


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