A lay associate in a theatre group

Jean Marie Gary, a lay associate of the Daughters of Jesus in Monbahus in the south-west of France is part of an amateur theatre group. He tells us about it.

In Monbahus, a small village in the Lot et Garonne in the south of France, there is a tradition of amateur theatricals. It has its roots in our schools and presents a new show every year during the month of March.

Its origin

The troupe has its origins in the Notre-Dame school run by the Daughters of Jesus. In the 1950s, parents, children, and teachers put on numerous shows that put a bit of life into the village. In the 1990’s, Mrs Elisabeth Dupont, a former teacher, took over, remotivating young and old, to perpetuate this activity.

Its aim

The aim of course, was to produce a comedy, enjoy oneself and promote team spirit. Then in 2007, Joëlle Carillon, also a former teacher at the school, now retired, took over. For twelve years, she was responsible two shows a year, put on by young and old. For the past three years, although there is no longer a theatre workshop for the younger children, the adult group has been operating independently. We have around ten actors, four people for the costumes and make-up, and five others who build the sets).

A great success

This year, the play, “Sacré Georges“, was a great success, with about a thousand spectators attending the four shows. There was laughter, good humour and applause, and all the audience, actors, adults and children, shared a real happy moment.

Two worlds

Sacré Georges” is a comedy where two worlds meet: the Parisian bourgeoisie and very ‘backward’ peasants. Their children, students in love, allow the meeting of two worlds apparently opposed on all fronts. Misunderstandings, old habits, strong characters, so many situations that brought back memories for some, and provoked laughter from everyone.

In the streets of Monbahus, we are still talking about it. Let’s hope that the theatre in Monbahus will continue next year.

Jean-Marie Gary,

Lay Associate of the Daughters of Jesus

Monbahus, France


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