A few steps away from us!

The novitiate is a formation time on all levels which includes building fraternity.


The novitiate of the Daughters of Jesus at Ngoundére, in the north of Cameroun is situated in the university parish and is not only in close proximity to students, but remains attentive to its neighbors.

During the year we created links with our neighbors in various ways:

  • Simple greetings

  • The purchase of vegetables
  • Giving special attention to a sick child
  • Positive relationship with our employeesenfants balle

We celebrated Christmas and New Years on the 4th of January, 2014 with the children of our employees, as well as the younger neighbors.

Surprisingly it was a joy to welcome almost thirty children of all ages, religious background and languages all dressed up for the party.

enfants danseThis wonderful time together included songs, dance, poetry and short stories animated by the novices. The fun ended with snacks and a small gift for everyone.

We realize that our neighbors are just a few steps away from us. enfants manger

Happy New Year!!!

The community of the novitiate



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