A continuing commitment to solidarity

Sr Agnès Miquel tells us about her commitment to the Restos du Coeur campaign for 2021, “Because precarity damages …”, a campaign that fits well with the charism of the Daughters of Jesus.



Since the beginning of November, I have resumed my commitment to the association “Restos du Cœur” in Pontivy, France. Founded by the French comedian Coluche in 1985, the Association’s national campaign for 2021 started on 25 November 2021.



On that Wednesday, it was like an anthill, as the 80 volunteers, myself included, worked hard to get everything ready by early afternoon. A journalist from Ouest France, our regional newspaper, was there to record the event.




A warm welcome

Four hundred families who are beneficiaries of the Association came to collect foodstuffs, but not only that. We had set up everything set up to give them the best welcome possible: a brand-new room colourfully decorated for the Christmas party, smiles and good humour.



Being a beneficiary is not easy for people in precarious situations, so we try show humility and respect for the person. A few words of encouragement and support completed the donations.



A precarity that is always there

The slogan of the 37th campaign of the Restos du Cœur is “Because precarity damages the perception of the future, we are there, and we act”. Every year, we welcome around one million people in France. Food aid, help for people on the street, educational support, workshops to learn to cook or to regain confidence and self-esteem… all these actions help people to get back on their feet, because a meal is not enough. Precarity is not only financial; it can also be intellectual and emotional.


My commitment

My commitment to the Association is in terms of secretarial support for the President, but not only that. My office is always open, and sometimes a volunteer comes to sit down to rest and have a little chat: “I’ve come to see my favourite Sister.” “I recently went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes.” “My daughter and son-in-law are unemployed….



When I am not working for the President, I go around the donation posts to exchange a word here and there. For me, this time spent listening is an integral part of my commitment.



“Humanising as Jesus did”

The two days I spend with the Association are in line with the charism of the Daughters of Jesus: to look at the other with the same look as Christ … a look of compassion, a look that lifts up, an attention to the poorest. “Witnessing to God’s tenderness for every man” (Charism of the Daughters of Jesus of Vaylats), isn’t that humanising?

Each encounter, each smile received and given are opportunities for thanksgiving and intercessory prayer.



As Christmas approaches, I would like to share with you the message of the Mission Ouvrière in France because it is very much in line with our commitment to the Restos du Cœur:

“Mary and Joseph

give their child, the Son of God,

because he is for everyone,

in a grey and torn world,

and especially for the weakest,

the poorest and most fragile.”


Mission Ouvrière 2021



Agnès Miquel, Fj pontivy, France


Un peu


notre famille



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