“You are a Nun and you dance!”

Going out to the peripheries is also possible in meeting people by means of dancing. Sr. Madeline Lambert, a Canadian Daughter of Jesus shares her experience with us.


Gradually, I’m nearing the end of my sympathetic, dynamic sabbatical year. In order to exercise more, recommended by my doctor’s, I decided to combine pleasure to necessity. I opted to join a line-dancing class.

A few goals:

  • exercise
  • “going to the edges”, according to the Pope Francis’ wish
  • work at improving my memory and concentration

You are a nun and you dance!

I did not know how my second goal would be realized. As circumstances would have it, during a certain break, we, a group of women, were seated around a table. One of the instructors who taught us the different steps, suddenly blurted out: “You are a Nun!” (Rumors were beginning to circulate.)


Being close to the people.

I answered in the affirmative. “You are a Sister and you dance”, insisted the lady. “Yes, I do love to dance,” I replied. “Moreover, we the Daughters of Jesus have always tried to be close to the people. It is our charism.”


And the lady continued: “You cannot be closer!” and added, “we are fortunate, God is with us.” I wanted to add by saying, “I too am fortunate because God is also with you” but our rest period was over and we went back to dancing.


God, quite simply, moved in.

I was amazed at what had just happened. I had seen God dance with us. He made all the right moves, I can assure you. He quite simply moved in very easily in our dancing group.


As far as you are concerned, how does God move in your daily living?

  • “Praise him with drums and dancing; praise him with the strings and pipes.”Ps 150,4
  • “David and the Israelites were joyfully dancing before Yahweh” 2Sa 6,5
  • “It is before God that I dance and whirl”. 2Sa 6,21.


Madeleine Lambert dj. Three Rivers, Canada


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