World Day of the Sick 2018

During Mass on the 11th February 2018, Sister Yvette Jouchet, Daughter of Jesus, in community at Arceuil (France) spoke about her solidarity with the sick.

Jouchet Y.

« For several years now, I have visited elderly people who suffer from being alone. It has become a sort of mission that I have given myself with the agreement of my companions in community.

This choice demands a great discretion. For me that has nothing to do with being a religious believer or not but lies rather in the human quality of each person, whatever it may be!

As a result, a mutual enrichment comes about as we grow together in humility and truth.

For two years now I, along with other people, have been taking communion to a lady from the parish who is bed-bound. Her welcome, her smile and her gratitude witness to the depth of her faith and it is she who evangelises us. She says : “Jesus is my friend.”

In the same way, a small team of 3 or 4 people goes once a month with Father Richard to the “House of the Large Cedar”. The fifteen or so participants are always happy to receive us and to be able to celebrate Mass in union with the parish.

Today, it is I who needs reassuring. The Sacrament of the sick which I have just received will be a source of strength for me as I continue the route.

Let us pray for one another.”

Sr Yvette Jouchet dj


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