The General Council visit Canada

In September-October, the General Council visited Canada.

From September 18 to 25, Micheline Cormier and Colette Gélinas visited our small group of Daughters of Jesus here in Alberta. Their seven-day visit among us was a time of grace and happiness. We were touched by their joy at being with us, their simplicity, their listening, their compassion, their sense of humor.


Meaningful meeting


The highlight of their visit was the Assembly, a beautiful day of meeting for us and the Associates. The points discussed: “Living the mission in a dynamic without bounds” and “Laudato Si – the way forward.” were subjects that interested us a lot. The sending on mission, accompanied by the beautiful image of the “Sowers of Hope” and the gift of the small bags of seeds, have left us energized for the future. The significant rituals, during the many times of prayer, have helped us to deepen the symbolism.


Communication for comprehension


Colette’s effort throughout the visit to speak English, and for Micheline to rely on translation so that everyone could understand, showed us their delicate attention. Their desire to visit our three Sisters in the nursing homes brought them much happiness.


Historical visit


As did their request to visit St. Albert and Morinville, the places of our first Sisters’ arrival in Alberta, showed us how interested they are in our history. On behalf of everyone here in Alberta, I say, “Thank you, Micheline and Colette. Your beautiful and good visit will accompany us for a long time.”

Gisele Labonté, fj. Edmonton, Canada

A Significant Visit

This visit was an open door on our mission today:

Daughters of Jesus and Associates

  • Rooted in a common soil
  • Enriched by our different values

We are called to become more and more

sowers of hope for today’s world.

Filled with confidence in the ONE who guides us

as well as with the strength that is ours”, together, we are now undertaking this journey for the days to come.

Vice-Province of Rimouski, Canada

Visit … Moncton Vice-Province


  • Breath of fresh air, family sharing:
  • Invitation to go forward on our paths of humanity and humanization
  • Beautiful fraternal witnessing in all simplicity
  • Reminder of who we are, always striving to be, until the very end
  • Encouragement to pursue our efforts for the protection and conservation of our “common home”
  • Once again, God’s footsteps in our lives inviting us to live in HOPE
  • Too brief a visit but so life-giving! Thanks!


Gloria Boudreau, fj, Moncton, Canada


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