A very special event at Ploeren

1 événement très spécial 06The 15 November 2015,

the day of the patronal feast,

the parish community of Ploeren (France)

experienced a rather rare event:

the baptism of a new bell

named “Anne-Martine”.

To honour the 141 years of presence of the Daughters of Jesus, the community of sisters was asked to be the godmother of the new bell. In the event Sister Maryvonne Gru accepted the role.

1 événement très spécial 04During the mass, Monsignor Centène, Bishop of Vannes, accompanied by the priests of the parish, carried out the rite of blessing according to the beautiful liturgy provided for the occasion.

The new bell, artistically draped and decorated with flowers, received the name of “Anne-Martine” (Anne the patron saint of Brittany, and Martin, the patron saint of the parish).

One by one the celebrants, the godfather and the godmother struck the bell and made it “ring out”.

After the mass parishioners and guests, including Sister Anne-Marie Monneraye, provincial superior of the Daughters of Jesus, gathered together for a meal. The traditional sugared almonds were of course distributed.

1 événement très spécial 02

The sounds of “Anne-Martine” will ring out to announce the events of the parish (baptisms, marriages, celebrations of joy and of sorrow) …

An invitation to us to be attentive to the events of our parish community.

The community of Ploeren


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