Tropical storm ‘Erika’ and the Island of Dominica

Dominica1Our sisters and all the people of the Island of Dominica were hit by the tropical storm ‘Erika’. Below is an exerpt of the news received by Sr. Marie-Ange Rivoal, f.j., General Councillor.

“Without doubt you already know that Dominica was devastated by a strong tropical storm which claimed victims and did lots of damage in different parts of the island: landslides, floods, roads cut off and many houses destroyed.

The number of the dead and unaccounted for varies because all the villages are not accessible due to the landslides… this happened day before yesterday on August 27, (2015) because of the storm Erika. The sisters called us in the evening … this situation affected them deeply but they and their parents are safe. I am not sure whether they were able to contact all the members of their families…

We are in contact with them and assure them of our support and our prayer, and that of the whole Congregation, as they bear the hardship which again hit this beautiful ‘nature island’. On August 29, 1979, thirty-six years ago almost day for day, hurricane David devastated the island.”

If you wish to have more information, just click on one of the internet sites below which will tell you more about the situation.


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