Together for greater justice

The RCA (Grouping Together Against Poverty) organizes demonstrations to gather together people who work for greater justice.

Funding Cuts

On February 7th 2018, the community organizations of Rimouski were mobilized (around 100 persons) to address the Quebec government together. These groups have recently experienced substantial cuts to the funding which is allotted to them to help persons living in poverty.

Since the government is digging into our resources, in retaliation, we attempted to shovel a big snow bank with humble instruments: a child’s shovel, a spoon, a soup ladle, a saucer, etc. … Of course, we failed but, at least, we were together in the struggle.


A hollow time, a dark hole



On March 14th 2028, members of the RCA (Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux) joined the activists of the National Federation of Trade Unions in demonstrating their discontent to the Canadian government. Seasonal workers are going through several weeks with no revenue; it’s a gaping hole, a black hole as they await the time when they can resume their work.


Demand more justice for workers


The solutions proposed by the government do not address the needs of the families who are affected by this problem. Our elected members to both the federal and provincial governments are with us in our indignation and our loud and clear demand for greater justice towards these workers.

« I feel close to these people »


Thanks to the support and prayer of my community, of my Congregation, I feel sent to take part in these demonstrations; being close to the people who experience so much misery and poverty is a way of honoring the Sacred Humanity of the Son of God, He who lives in the heart of these persons.


Ursule Beaulieu, fj, Rimouski, province Canada


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