Thursday 28 /Friday 29 July – Women on the roads of the Lord

The end of the Chapter is near. The Orientations have taken shape as we have listened to the Spirit, to each other, and to the cries of the men and women of our world.

Our regard is already turned towards the Sisters and Associates who, like us, will have to welcome them in faith and trust. And we will have at heart to share the spiritual experience that has carried them.

Women on the roads of the Lord,

we have the joy of serving him,

women in whom the Word wants to grow,

we give him thanks with all our heart.

Click on the triangle to listen to the song sung at morning prayer

Blessed be the Creator!
He models us in his image,
Foyers of love and sharing,
Flames awakened
By Jesus the Liberator.

With the Mother of the Savior
We walk towards the Light.
God’s ways disconcert us,
But the Almighty
Takes away our fear.

With Martha and Mary
we discover his Gospel.
Listening to him he makes us alive,
And we learn
To stay close to him.

On our roads in Samaria
We welcome Jesus who passes by.
In the midday of our impasses
He comes to reveal
The living waters of his well.

The question of Kermaria

At the end of the day, we felt how much the question of Kermaria touched the different entities. By common agreement, we can affirm that the study undertaken is in line with our desire that the charism remain alive on the site.

May Kermaria be a place where we care for people, relationships and creation in the spirit of the Gospel!


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