The student experience at the Santa Teresita Institute

The young Victoria Alejandra Mendoza Molina, a graduate of the Institute of Saint Teresa of the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus, shares her experience of student life in the aforementioned educational center.

Victoria Alejandra recalls with joy those years of study that have been significant for her spiritual and intellectual life.

The fact that I studied in a Christian-Catholic institution such as the “Instituto Santa Teresita” gave me many advantages in my life in general. In fact, I have studied all my life in the same educational center from pre-school through to high school level, so I have had the same classmates, the same teachers and the same way of teaching for thirteen years.

Affection for the Institute

Spending my entire school life in the same school meant a lot, both to me and to my parents. They did not study there, but they loved the school when they saw how I spent my time there. I, too, knew my school inside and out. Every day, I went through it with such ease and excitement.

I was sad when I knew I wouldn’t be going back, at least not to study. After graduating, I realized all the benefits it had brought me.

Spiritual experience

I learned the life of our Lord Jesus Christ with ease and commitment, as well as that of St Thérèse, who is a model for many. I learned so much from the Bible to the point that it took my friends from other institutes almost twice as long to look up a Bible quote. I met and fell in love with Jesus, so much so that I started going to church much more often and joined three pastoral ministries.

Academically, I was one of the best in math, both in high school and outside of it. I developed such a skill and love for math that I am pursuing a career in finance.

I was able to develop my intelligence, and not just because I studied hard, but because my teachers always told me I could do it. When I failed a test or an assignment, they would always point out how good a student I was and how dedicated I was. That made me want to study.

For this and more, I am grateful to the Santa Teresita Institute for educating and forming me intellectually and spiritually for over ten years. I appreciate this school very much, and I hope that future generations will do the same.

Victoria Alejandra Mendoza Molina

Graduate of the Santa Teresa Institute

San Marcos de Colon, Honduras.


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