The novitiate builds relationships

The Sisters and novices of the International Novitiate of the Daughters of Jesus in Les Pavillons-sous-Bois, France, share with us their efforts to build up relationships of humanity and fraternity with the neighbours and friends of the community.

A response to Fratelli Tutti

In no 8 of the introduction to his encyclical “Fratelli tutti“, Pope Francis expressed the hope that in the current context, we can all together contribute to the rebirth of a “universal aspiration to humanity”. “Here we have a splendid secret that shows us how to dream and to turn our life into a wonderful adventure.”

The community of the International Novitiate has been here now in Pavillons-sous-Bois, for two and a half years and this desire for more humanity and fraternity among ourselves and with our neighbours and friends has been with us. It has mobilised us to constantly find opportunities to weave links together.

For the past three months, there has been no shortage of favourable opportunities to dream of humanity!  We would like to share them with you.

Happy Birthday to the Daughters of Jesus!

On the 25th of November 2022, we opened the door of the community to welcome inside some of those who are close to us, neighbours and members of the two parishes of Pavillons.  In response to our invitation, they had come to join us in celebrating the 188 years of the Congregation.

  • A projection of the video on the life of Perrine Samson, to give our guests the opportunity to learn something about the beginnings of the Congregation, in its historical and geographical context.

  • An exchange around our charism, to clarify the missionary choices of our Congregation at the heart of the Church and in the parish.

  • A time of prayer inviting us to fix our gaze on Jesus as a way of humanity, who wants to lead us together to seek and find him in the Word and in the faces of so many vulnerable people around us.

In communion with all the Sisters and associates around the world, we ended with a moment of thanksgiving. A joyful Magnificat broke out to the sound of the novices’ musical instruments! Afternoon tea together prolonged this meeting full of discoveries and mutual sympathy.

Happy New Year 2023!

Once again, we became messengers of peace, as we slipped our New Year’s wishes for fraternity and hope into the letterboxes of our neighbours. They did not remain unanswered, and some of them came to present their wishes to us.

The Kings’ cake

On the 11th of January, while the rain did not stop falling outside, inside there was a gentle warmth, the warmth of meeting and simple exchanges :

  • to better welcome each other,
  • to get to know each other,
  • to share each other’s news.

We continued this informal time full of simplicity around the table as we shared the Kings’ cake for the Epiphany! Who would find the favour ? Long live the king and long live the queen! The joy could be seen on everyone’s faces as we clinked glasses.

Before parting, a short visit to the chapel allowed us to entrust all the families in the neighbourhood and their intentions to the Lord.

The rebirth of “a universal aspiration to  fraternity”

There are special occasions that strengthen the bonds, but most often they are created in everyday life: a meeting on the pavement or at the gym, a visit to the hospital or the residence for seniors … a service rendered, or a simple hello.

” Contributing to the rebirth of “a universal aspiration to fraternity, yes, it is here that we find “a splendid secret that shows us how to dream and to turn our life into a wonderful adventure“.

The International Novitiate community

Pavillons-sous-Bois, France


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