The first Regional Assembly in Latin America


January 6, 2020, saw the Sisters of Latin America gather in Fusagasugá, Colombia for their first Assembly as a Region. It was an occasion to celebrate a new structure for the Congregation in Latin America, developed after some years of meetings, discernment, formation and retreats.




“Do whatever he tells you”


The first day was an experience of retreat based on the text from the Gospel of John 2, 1-12. This story of the wedding at Cana introduces us to an enjoyable event, full of life, in which the dreams of a young couple are unveiled and love inaugurates the new path to be undertaken. Everything speaks of novelty.


The celebration breaks with the routine of the daily life of Jesus the carpenter and his hard-working friends. Meeting, spending time together, celebrating love and toasting to life are key to this moment in time. It is an occasion that will last for only a limited time, but it will continue forever in the memory of the heart.



Elements of the new regional structure


  • All of the Sisters in Latin America took part in the elaboration of the new structure.


  • They will all continue to be involved in its implementation, evaluation, review, and adjustment.


  • We have put in place an “experimental” structure until 2022 and then 2028.


  • No structure is ever perfect. We are beginning with an imperfect structure.


  • We find ourselves faced with something that is new and unknown and we are launching ourselves into it.


  • As we live it, we will be able to evaluate it, reread our experience and as a result adjust the structure.


Like a tapestry


This will be lived out with the offering that each Sister has made, both in her personal commitment and as a member of a community. A whole fabric of co-responsibility and diversity, with each Sister sharing what she is and what she has.

In this fabric, I can be a thread, of a different colour… deep blue… bright red… or perhaps the grey linen thread. According to the weavers, it is this third colour that is the most important. The neutral grey of everyday life is the one that makes the deep blue and the bright red sing, the one that brings harmony.



Trust in the God who raises up


Invited to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus we are grateful to Him. He is always close to us, giving us life and dispelling the fear that paralyzes us. It is He who renews the hope in us.



Let Him act in our smallness.

Let Him play the leading role in our history.



Sr Geraldina Escalante dj


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