The Daughters of Jesus Web team begin their formation session

During the first week of July 2018, 21 Daughters of Jesus from different countries met together at Kermaria, the Mother House of the Congregation in Brittany, for a formation session on the new technologies.



The correspondents and coordinators began their session with the following objectives in mind :


  • To review the main objectives of having a website and how we manage it.
  • To reflect on the impact of the new technologies on our lives.
  • To form the team on writing for the web and on the technical aspects of a website.
  • To reflect on how the site can be developed further and assure the team future.


An image says more than a thousand words


On the first evening, the participants got to know each other better. Each one presented a symbol that spoke of how she lives her mission as a member of the web team :

With confidence … openness to new ways of communicating … admiration for what the Sisters write … working as a team


Despite our different nationalities, we recognised that we have the same mission.


The WEB Team


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