Sr Rose Mary MOMBOURQUETTE( Sr Anthony Marie), 1931 -2023

Sr Rose Mary est décédée à l’hôpital Moncton City le 21 décembre 2023 à  l’âge de 92 ans dont 72 ans de profession religieuse.

Ses funérailles ont eu lieu le 6 janvier.

Born in Lower L’Ardoise, Nova Scotia, on February 2nd, 1931, Rose Mary is the only daughter in a family of seven children. At the age of 18, she entered the novitiate in Trois-Rivières and became a Fille de Jésus in 1951.

Rose Mary devoted all her active religious life to the field of education. For twenty-seven years she taught in the schools of Nova Scotia: Saulnierville, Arichat, D’Escousse, Cheticamp and River Bourgeois. She loved her students and was greatly appreciated for her teaching, her simplicity and her relationship with the other teachers, the pupils’ parents, and the parishioners at large.

After twenty-seven years of teaching, Rose Mary attended Bible courses in London, Ontario. Then she got involved in parish ministry in L’Ardoise and in pastoral and catechetical ministry in Cheticamp. She then worked in pastoral ministry in Nash Creek and the surrounding area for eleven years. Having reached retirement age, she still felt able to pursue certain activities, and she took a year of spiritual renewal in Arnprior, Ontario. In 2000, she went to Grande Anse, New Brunswick, and engaged in volunteer work and adult religious education. In 2009, she retired at the community of Canterbury Hall in Riverview.

Rose Mary was a woman of prayer as well as a woman of action. Her relationship with God was simple just as her relationship with others. She was close to the people and interested in everything that touched their lives. She had a sense of humour and the gift of telling interesting stories. She had a highly developed general knowledge and kept abreast of events that occurred throughout the country and beyond as well as at the local level. She will be especially remembered for her generous heart, her attachment to her family and friends, and her openness to the needs of all.

 On  December 21st, she passed away trusting fully in the One who had called her and whom she loved and served in the people she met, knew, and with whom she cooperated. She was 92 years old and in her 72nd year of religious life. May God welcome in his eternal home of peace and joy.


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