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I have experienced in a special way this first step in the preparation for the coming General Chapter.

I consider helpful the invitation received to deepen our missionary and prophetic dimension, to enter into a process of discernment and recognition that personally and in community I am called to renew. I am supported by our congregation’s origins and take into account the present world scenario and our Charism lived in the light of our faith.

In this sense I wish to share a “recipe” which I cooked up in my French course, which contains ” ingredients” of our Charism.

groupe missionnaireIngredients Tecnical card
300 g of generosity Price: a smile
200 g of fraternity Preparation: perseverance
400 g of hope Cooking time: all my life
3 spoonfuls of motivation
6 spoonfuls of joy
4 ounces of liberty
One bar of confidence
A pile of gratitude


Put generosity, fraternity and hope in a pan, mix for 7 minutes using a spatula. Add motivation, participation and joy in a frying pan. Beat with a fork for 10 minutes until it makes a thick cream.

Put the cream in the mixture. Add a little freedom and confidence. The mixture is now ready. Grease the mold, put the mixture into the mold and cook on a slow fire for 40 minutes.

latinos en FranceGood Luck.

Fraternal Greetings in this Easter period which reminds us of Jesus´s living presence in our positive daily response.

Hermana Martha Graciela Rodriguez, h.j.


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