The Sisters of the Latin America Province take the road towards Easter at their Provincial Assembly


Gathered together in the Valley of the Angels, Honduras, the Sisters of the Province welcomed the invitation of the General council to set out with the disciples of Emmaus, to listen to our conversations on the road and to discover what hinders us from seeing the resuscitated Jesus. An invitation to learn from them, so that we too may set out on a renewed mission and reorganization given to us by the Resuscitated one.

What are you talking about as you walk along?

As we thought back to what has happened since the provincial forum of 2010, many things stirred in our hearts. The road has been one of searching on the part of each Sister, each community, each sector. In these 8 years, our province has seen a reconfiguration in terms of personnel and of structures and organization with a view to enabling our lives as disciples and missionaries.

This thinking back prompted us to give thanks for how the provincial council has invigorated us all along the road. We gave thanks for all the discernment and searching, the closing of houses and the opening of new insertions. We expressed our gratitude for the Sisters who have made their vows and at the same time we remembered the Sisters who have gone back to their country of origin. Others have retired, and others again have gone home to the house of the Father leaving behind them an emptiness and a questioning of the brevity of life, or a call to live fully as we go on our way.

On the road, something prevented them from recognizing Jesus

At this propitious time of Holy Week, we have been able to reflect deeply on the ways by which we have given our all to the Lord, also on what has impeded us from being collaborators, disciples, and missionaries in his project for the Kingdom. Too attached to known ways of living, we have accommodated the charism and mission to what is already there, instead of letting reality transform us.


We need to listen more to the Master, to regard as He regards. The regard of Jesus on Matthew was such that it moved him to stop being a tax collector and even to give back to his brothers what he had taken from them. Faced with this regard we let ourselves be embraced by his love, a love that pardons our sins and renews the alliance He made on the Cross, as He gave up his life.

Did not our hearts burn within us while he explained the Scriptures to us? … They recognized him … and they immediately got up and returned to Jerusalem.

We can now return to the conversations about the reorganization of the province with renewed animation, knowing that we are in His hands, sustained by a presence that calls us together as Sisters in Haiti, Chile, Honduras, and Colombia. We go on learning to adopt this contemplative regard that makes us opt for and relate to others, to life and to the structures of government, in a way that is different.

Proposals for organization have arisen that could favour more proximity as local communities of a Province rather than of a sector. They could also encourage communication and participation, as well as a life that is more human and humanising.

This reflexion and searching have helped us to renew our feeling of belonging to the same Congregation as a body and to make all of us feel more responsible for the life of the Province and for giving meaning to the charism personally.


Sisters Monique Guitton dj and Viviana Carolina Forero Angulo dj


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