Sister Monique Brûlé hands over the apron

On this Friday, June 30, 2023, at the Lokia Residence in Three Rivers Canada, Sr Monique, Regional Superior, makes way for Micheline Cormier, who replaces her in this service on July 1. What a wonderful gathering of all  the sisters!

As a prelude to the festivities, what more beautiful symphony could we have than a fraternal meal all together! Our special guests: our Entity’s Animation Team and our new Regional Superior, Micheline Cormier, along with our Sisters of Oasis! Spontaneous and joyful exchanges were already inaugurating the joy of this first-ever gathering of the Canadian Region.

From north to south, east to west, coast to coast, all Canadian Daughters of Jesus were able, because of modern technology, to zoom in on each other for the first time. And yes, we were all there to mark an important event: the end of Monique Brûlé’s term as Regional and the beginning of Micheline Cormier’s service, thus the transition from one Regional Superior to another.

The three Regional Councillors, whose mandates have been renewed led the meeting, from Edmonton (Florence Lavigne), Rimouski (Lucienne Lepage) and Moncton (Catherine Cormier).  We were thus able to sing, pray and rejoice together.

An unexpected surprise

Every celebration has its surprises…Sister Monique Brûlé, our Canadian Regional Superior presented us a video in which our Superior General, Sr. Patricia Guillet expresses her joy at seeing us all together as a Region.

She thanked Sr. Monique Brûlé for her many human and spiritual qualities, including her ability to listen and her faith in the One who precedes our steps and accompanies us on our journey.

Then Patricia turned to Sr. Micheline Cormier and marveled at her generous YES as a servant-disciple. She also greeted Florence, Lucienne and Catherine as the memory capable of inspiring newness. She concluded with a wish addressed to each and every one of us: “Continue to be these women who able to care, to listen, to support and be charitable.”

A song from the heart

Florence Lavigne first thanked Monique for her years of service as Regional Superior and gave her a beautiful plant presented by Pierrette Doucet, Regional Treasurer. Then it was Monique’s turn to say a few words. She thanked everyone for their confidence in her and for the fraternal welcome she had received in each entity during her visits. Her gratitude went out to all those who worked with her, from near and far.

Monique expressed her gratitude to Micheline who, with faith and generosity, agrees to continue the journey with each sister. She then concluded by saying: “Let us continue our journey.  Let’s not fear for tomorrow. He will be there.”

“Like Him let us don the apron”

Then came the moment when Monique handed over the apron to Micheline, who will begin her service as Regional the very next day. A moment of faith and great confidence! An impressive and moving moment!

Lucienne Lepage explained the meaning of this gesture and, on behalf of all of us, thanked Micheline, assuring her of everyone’s cooperation and also offered her a very meaningful plant presented by Monique Brûlé.

Our new Regional Superior

Each one of us anticipated Micheline’s words with emotion.

 “I never expected to be called to this mission after so many years abroad. It’s a great challenge for me, and surely for you too. I’ve almost always lived among young people and mainly young sisters. But since my arrival here, I’ve been deeply touched by the richness, the depth and the human and spiritual maturity of the Region which extends even beyond the limitations and great vulnerability that accompany old age.”

She then reminded us that we are presently living at a time of transition in the region, which involves each and every one of us. She thanked her Councillors who have accepted the call to continue in the Regional Council.  She also expressed her gratitude to the various adjoining services with whom she will have to work. She underlined the humble services that go unseen, and expressed her gratitude to our sick sisters for their prayer, their love and their dedicated life. She concluded with a very special thank you to Monique, a thank you she adds to all the expressions of gratitude previously expressed.

The mission continues

Micheline concluded by telling us that she is relying on our prayers and expressed the following wish:

“Let us move forward together into deep waters. On the Word of Jesus, let us cast our nets and collaborate in his mission of resurrection, whatever our age or vulnerability.  We’re in the boat together! Many thanks to each and every one!

At the end of this meeting Catherine Cormier thanked us all for our participation and invited us to sing “Va dans la confiance”. (Go along with trust and confidence)

What a significant, implicating and engaging meeting for both sides. Let us walk together…continuing the journey with confidence, surrender and serenity.

Sr Rachel Paquin, FJ

Trois-Rivières, Canada


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