Remembering and opening up to the future

On Saturday the 2nd September 2017, the 5 communities of Vannes responded to the invitation of our Provincial to celebrate the 170th anniversary of the death of our Foundress, Perrine Samson, Mothe Saint Angèle.


We first came together at Bignan, the birth place of our Congregation, for a time of prayer with the sisters of the community there. With the help of songs and short extracts from the life of Mother Saint Angèle, we meditated and gave thanks for her life, filled with humility and simplicity.


After singing Psalm 85, each one was invited to share her prayer, evoking faces and situations that had touched her. The prayer was interspersed with the refrain :


« Jesus, You who lead us on the ways of humanity,

when the cries of the world arise in us … »

Two extracts from the Chapter Acts 2016 reminded us that it is now up to us in our turn, to be messengers of the Good News. Fervent and recollected prayer to Our Lady of the Lights, closed this time of remembering.

Before saying good-bye to the sisters of Bignan, we shared a toast together and then went on to a restaurant for a convivial meal …

In the afternoon itw as en route for Elizen to evoke the life of Perrine Samson and pray with the beautiful text, « Mother Saint Angèle », written by Michelle Paul. Our steps then guided us to the chapel at Old Colpo, where Perrine Samson used to gather together the people of the locality. An associate of the Congregation who lives there and who looks after the chapel all year round, opened it for us.



At the end of the afternoon, after this memorable time of inter-community sharing, each one rejoined her place of life and mission.


Maryvonne Gru



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