Reception of the Reference Booklet by the Associates of North Cameroon

“Lord, teach us to let ourselves be humanized by you so that we too may contribute to humanize life.”

On Sunday, January 29, 2017, the Associates of the Daughters of Jesus of North Cameroon met for their quarterly meeting at the novitiate in Bini-Dang in order to receive the Reference Booklet entitled “Pathway to Humanity.” After becoming acquainted with its contents this gathering centered around a time of prayer and reflection on the face of Christ. This allowed us to better understand the basis of our calling as Associates.

We were impressed by the depth and relevance of our experiences and reflections on the life of Jesus and their impact on our own lives and on our society. Then, after a moment of silence, each one prayed on the various missions of the Associates and we welcomed with joy our specific call which can be summed up as follows: “To see all things from the viewpoint of the poor.”

The day ended with the celebration of the Eucharist. We then received the Reference Booklet given out by two Daughters of Jesus. Each one was called to come forward by the leader of his/her group.

We were very impressed by the content and form of this booklet. It expresses, is some way, the basis of our commitment in the Congregation; it defines our mission in the Church and the society; it suggests attitudes and means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

From the very outset we felt supported by the General Council and we take this opportunity to address our sincere thanks to them for this document, which is, along with the Bible another very useful hand- book. We hope, with the grace of God, to make good use of it so that on a daily basis we will become the ambassadors of Jesus on his paths to humanity.

Jean Marc, associate

Some expressions

· On the booklet

“This is a document of great importance; I will set myself to reading it slowly as I ask the Lord to help me to live up to its recommendations”. Sophie

“It is a document that helps me to see, to contemplate the face of God in every human being who is suffering.” Maurice

“I was struck by the fact that this international document contains what we had proposed in the draft copy. We thought we were inexperienced and we now observe that we are living the same realities as the others. This document will reinforce a dynamic link between all the Associates and the Daughters of Jesus.” Paul

· On this meeting

“I was very impressed by the day’s events; I felt Christ’s presence guiding us towards Him. This has been for me a real spiritual experience.” Zenab

“This deep encounter with our sharing on the life of Jesus has changed not only my method of praying but also my way of living.” Maurice

“Lord, help us to be humble, not complicated,

Sensitive to the needs of others, especially the most disadvantaged:

The sick, the elderly and disabled, the vulnerable and underprivileged.

Teach us to be close to all,

To respect the path of each one,

By listening, trusting and giving courage.

Help us to have a loving and positive gaze at people and the world,

To share the love we have received,

To love as you love us.

Jesus, full of tender loving care,

Grant us the grace to refuse and denounce dehumanizing situations,

As you would, without hurting people.

Teach us to have our eyes fixed on you,

To let ourselves be humanized by you and thus contribute to humanize our relationships,

To serve as you did and encounter you in the lives of our brothers and sisters, of poor people and strangers.

Listen to our prayer,

May your Holy Spirit be our guide and our strength.”

(Prayer composed from the personal expressions of the Associates of North Cameroon)

Sister Marie-Thérèse fj.


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