Prayers to Jesus

Prayer to Jesus – Jubilee 2000

This prayer is from a booklet ‘Pray Together’ composed for the Jubilee
You, Jesus, became one of us,
taking flesh of our flesh.
You, the beloved Son of the Father,
became a Servant
in order to bring God into the world.
It is in you we want to live,
it is with you we want to walk.

Send upon us your Spirit.
Touch our hearts, our bodies, our minds,
to make us sensitive and receptive,
as you were, to those who are least,
those who suffer most,
those who are most remote.

We pray:
through our encounters, our actions, our words,
quite simply, through our lives,
be the One who loves, who saves, who raises up,
be the One who gives hope and life
beyond all expectation.


Jesus, Word made flesh

A prayer composed in 2008 as part of the preparation for the Chapter of the Daughters of Jesus of Vaylats
Jesus, Word made flesh,
face of the Father’s tenderness,
give us your Spirit.

Let the Spirit come, as Life-giving Source,
to water our thirsty lands
and give growth to the seeds of hope.

May the Spirit come, as Fire of Love,
to awaken in our being a passion for the Father,
a passion for our brothers and sisters.

May the Spirit come, the Wind of Pentecost,
to lead us along his paths of life,
in availability, trust, and creativity.

May the Spirit come, as Breath of Hope,
to whisper in us the words of life,
to write today, and with others,
what God wants for us and for the world.


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