When a friend of Kermaria leaves us

Ernest Le Brun, known for his various diocesan and departmental commitments, brother of Sister Anne-Marie Le Brun, passed away on October 29, 2018.



Where did we meet this friend?


At Kermaria


  • In November 2010, Ernest planted the “memorial tree” at the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters at Kermaria. As a member of the steering committee, he himself had proposed a mountain ash, the wood of which is used to make carpenters’ tools of carpenter. (a small nod there to Saint Joseph!)


  • During the festivities for the feast days of St Joseph, Ernest provided security along with other volunteers.


  • At the Sainte Famille, our unit for the dependent elderly, he sometimes proposed activities related to the rural world.


  • He participated in the creation of COP21, the Paris Conference on Climate Change in 2015, offering many suggestions concerning the environment.


A life given to others


The 1400 people present at Ernest’s funeral discovered the richness of a life given to others. Among the testimonies offered were :


  • “Your faith in mankind, Ernest, was inseparable from your faith in God. Your commitment to Christians in the Rural World (CMR) expressed this well as you strove to live out the values ​​of the Gospel … You worked for a Church ever more alive and more committed, an open Church … always more welcoming.”


  • “We will continue to defend the values ​​that were dear to you and that you embodied – an agriculture that allows each farmer to earn his living with dignity while respecting the environment and participating in the life of our countryside. ” (Confédération Paysanne, a French agricultural union)


  • “What Ernest has been able to sow in us by his presence, by the love and the friendship he offered, his relationship with us will live on beyond his death.” (excerpt from the homily)





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