Pentecost Celebration 2018

At the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption, Cali Colombia where we, the Daughters of Jesus have been present for 9 months, we celebrated the feast of Pentecost with the youth who seeks ways other than those of violence and evil.

Our parish of Our Lady of the Assumption gave out an invitation to participate in a vigil of prayer animated by the young people who are preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation and the young people of the youth group. They centered the reflection on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and prepared it very well. They entered into the theme with pleasure and joy. The atmosphere in the parish hall and the church, the decoration, the lights, the colours, the music all harmonized and facilitated the entry into the prayer.


We were struck by:

  • The availability
  • Simplicity and conviction they showed.
  • It was a beautiful testimony for all and certainly, the Holy Spirit will have left traces in their hearts.

It is unfortunate that not everyone in our neighbourhood has the chance to live a spiritual experience like the one we have just experienced because of the insecurity and the presence of disoriented and drugged young people who find no sense in life.

We hope that this handful of young people will be like a drop of water shining where no one can enter, in this dark world where pain and death reign. They can be light and salt for others. It is a small drop of water, but it can grow and touch broken hearts and bring forth a light of hope for God to touch them in the midst of the storm.

Jesus, our world needs your Spirit, your Light, your Love and your Wisdom … You said, “Ask and it will be given you”. That is why the Church begs:

  • Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and light the fire of your love in them.
  • Our world needs your Spirit to discern the will of the Father, to see the wonders that You realize today in the life of your children because you love them.
  • Our world needs your Spirit to love you and live in fraternity, solidarity, and forgiveness.
  • Our world needs your Spirit to have the same feelings of compassion that You Jesus, poor and servant of all, manifested in this world.
  • Our world needs your wisdom to bring about your reign of peace and justice and renew the face of the earth.


The Sisters of the community of Cali



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