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«The St-Paul Corner» is a Residence for elderly but autonomous persons, situated in Three-Rivers, (Quebec, Canada).
Having heard a call to experience proximity with the people, my project was accepted by the Council and became effective on March 1st, 2014.

Coin St-PaulAt the Residence, eight persons has formed a group that meet twice a month to share on their daily lives in the light of the Gospel. That is what we call, in general, a «base community».

partage1Depending on the participants, this allows us to :
• Share our daily experience of faith in Jesus ;
• Accept our differences in peace and friendship;
• Come out of isolation and go to others for mutual support in difficult moments;
• Receive human warmth that brightens up our day
• Discover together how the Word of God can change our lives.

Throughout the year we have shared, among other things, on friendship, trust in daily life, forgiveness, suffering and sickness, helpful neighbors etc…

This experience was evaluated as positive. A special bond of friendship unites us, while we remain open to the other residents. It is without doubt, a step toward the Church of tomorrow.grande salle

Contacts are underway to form a second group : acceptance is not spontaneous, because sharing at that level creates fears. I am united with those who animate Base Communities here and there. Let us not be afraid to enrich ourselves with different experiences.

May the Word of God guide us on our human journey.

Lucie Larouche d.j.


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