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Following the passage of hurricane Maria


In a few hours, it will be a week now that hurricane Maria passed through Dominica.

We have still not suceeded in speaking directly with the sisters. Over the course of the week-end 23 – 24 September however, here is what we have learned through someone who knows one of the sisters and thanks to a message that one of them left on one of our answering machines.

They are well and trying to « keep going ». The roof is damaged. Water and food are in short supply. There is no electricity. The telephone company has distributed cards so that people can communicate briefly withtheir loved ones. They regret nevertheless, the pillaging that has gone on in the town.

Ouragan Maria la Dominque


Up until now we have no news of the sisters’ families who live on the island. On the other hand, our Dominican sister who lives in Africa has learnt that her parents have found refuge in a school. The rescue services have still not reached this region of Bagatelle (in the south-east) which was badly hit by the hurricane.

Let us thank the Lord for all the efforts of solidarity that have been deployed and continue to ask him to come to the aid of our sisters, their families and the population in their ordeal.


General council, Paris





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