[heading style=”2″]Awakening to my Light[/heading]

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At every turning point on the itinerary…

At every liturgical passage…

As each day goes by…

A new light appears…

A birth is possible!


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Comme tous ces tournants sont éphémères ! Ces heures de lumière sont parfois suivies d’une grande solitude. Le tragique du cheminement est souvent inversement proportionnel à la beauté des espaces traversés. Et nous touchons à notre fragilité!

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How fleeting are these turning points! The hours of light are often followed by a great solitude. The tragedy of the voyage is often inversely proportional to the beauty of the regions travelled through. And we touch our fragility!

Conscious of this threat, we long for the rising of a permanent light and the existence of a law destined to replace the code of fear.
This law could signify a total confidence in the mercy of a Father and the certainty that this mercy will always be greater than our misery.

Continuing on our journey, we find ourselves facing
an inevitable aging process.

We have already reached a moment when our infancy is no longer behing us,
but rather it precedes us on the path.

Aging passes behind.
Each movement places us further ahead in the layers of innocence
that we often call Wisdom!
Our naivete does not only revive, it grows in clarity. Its light is projected for us on the road ahead. A new birth is near. Someone has said it already:

« “If you do not become as little children…” » (Mt 18,3)

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You will recognize my voice…Mary!

You will be attentive to those people going to Emmaus.

The breaking of the bread will reveal His presence.


He is the Resurrected one!!!


Un peu


notre famille



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