Meeting of the North Cameroon / Chad sector

A time for going deeper into and rereading our lives

At Bini Dang, from the evening of the 15th to the morning of the 17th November

Three communities of the Daughters of Jesus gathered together, Laï (Chad), Karna and Bini (North Cameroon) in communion with those absent …

  • A time for meeting, for fraternal sharing, for welcoming Bénédicte as an aspirant …

Réunion de secteur

  • A time for recalling Pierre Noury and the 60 years of the Daughters of Jesus in Cameroon…
  • A time for going deeper into and rereading our lives “hidden in Jesus in God”, thanks to the text proposed to the Province, “TheSon of Man came to serve”.

Giving flesh to the gestures of Christ

From this meeting we retain certain attitudes that we will be called to live as Daughters of Jesus.

  • Serving and loving as Jesus did, inhabited by a deep interior freedom, by giving priority to the other
  • Giving flesh to the gestures of Christ, giving life to his body in the world …a love that darRencontre de secteures, that creates theright way to help one and another in a spirit of gratuity
  • Working to make life more desirable



Decentring in order to live alongside others

In our daily lives alongside our sisters and the young in formation, alongside the children, the ill, the handicapped and everyone that we happen to meet, the “hidden” Christ makes himself known in service:

  • The life and hope that spring up in people in difficulty, the ill and handicapped, thanks to a simple listening full of kindneSecteur Cameroun-Tchadss and to the loving presence of a dedicated team… and that of the community
  • The “plus” of living, decentred from my work, of the gesture that consciously privileges proximity with others
  • Communion with and feeling for my sick sister…and the attention paid to the person who is suffering by the carers and the family of other ill people
  • Consenting to being every day “a grain of wheat that dies”…


“It’s up to us to take His place today so that nothing of Him should be lost.”

Sr Marie-Claude BIT Noviciate Community






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