“ Let us cross over to the other side”

01 passons sur la riveThe closing of the communities of Monbahus Castillonnès and Vianne,

in the Province South-West France,

gives birth to that of Tonneins.

The sisters …… share their experience with us.

“With the coming of evening, Jesus said to them : “Let us cross over to the other side” ( Mark 4 – 36)

In the evening of our lives … founding a new community …

And so we left …

02  passons sur la rive

We did not cross the lake of Galilee!

But the Baïse, the Gélise, Lot and Garonne …

Straddled some hillsides and slopes05 Passons sur l'autre rive

to arrive at the parish of “St Peter of the Rivers’ (” St Pierre des Rivières ”).

Tonneins is not situated in an arid desert! It is a small town of 9000 inhabitants on the banks of the Garonne

(which sometimes has the bad habit of rising up out of its bed, as has happened in the last few weeks!)

Coming back to St Mark chapter 6, it is written there. “He instructed them to take nothing for the journey … no haversack … no coppers for their purses … and for shoes, sandals …..”

As for us, big removal vans left Vianne and Castillonnès for Tonneins ! …And we then rearranged everything …It took a lot of effort to get everything into our new house! …

03  passons sur la rive

Where would we put it all?

And so we are now installed in “Sunflower Cul de Sac”

Therefore almost in the countryside ….

When they heard that we had arrived people came to visit us and make us welcome.

On the 2 February, the “Day for Consecrated Life”, our priest Michel Olivier asked us to present ourselves to the parish during the Sunday Mass, which we did.

(During one of our first weeks there, Father Michel had already blessed the house and shared a meal with us.)

Twice now members of the Evangelical Church have gathered together in our house.

In January they were 22 (3 couples came with their children, which made 5 young people between 11 and 15 years old.)

04  passons sur la rive

They then all decided that, from then on, they would have their monthly meeting chez nous (they feel so at ease …..). They come from Cancon, Monbahus, Castillonnes, Villeréal.. so Tonneins is central for them !

Come to visit us, but choose good weather and bring your tent … we have a lot of space …. You could even ‘begin’ to work on the garden …. if you have the courage!!!!

The community


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