Leaving for a new mission


In December 2019, the Vice-Provincial informed us that our house would be put up for sale in February 2020. It was yet another step on the journey we have taken for some years now to reorganise the Daughters of Jesus in Rimouski, Canada. Sr Jeanine tells us how she has lived these events over the past year.




I had already prepared myself for this eventuality, but this announcement shook me. It made me realise again that, despite our age, the time had come for a new start, a new mission. I had to set off once more into the unknown. What would my future be made of? So I had to go forward in faith, trying to remain serene and available for the mission.



The unexpected


Together with my companions, I prepared myself; we had a very short time to pack and empty the house of what was no longer necessary for our future home. Unfortunately, an unforeseen event forced us to make a 190-degree turnaround. We had to leave our house overnight, all during a pandemic. The announcement of the confinement forced us to do a three-month internship outside the Vice-provincial house. It was an experience that is quite difficult to define.


Nevertheless, it was a busy three months: organizing ourselves to live in our temporary house and going to empty the house every day. This situation brought me closer to all the people who live in similar situations. With confidence, fraternal help, and the support of prayer, we reached the end of our “race“, tired but relieved.



Our new home


On 30 May, we finally arrived in our new home. Here I could say that my new mission was about to begin. It is a different reality from the one I have lived in for the past 50 years. Living in a large group of Sisters made me wonder how I would react. Now I am happy to have a little more time for myself and to continue my work on the web. I like to give other services according to my abilities. The welcome, the interest, and the smile of the Sisters have shown me once again that our mission has no age. I can continue to move towards this tomorrow which is still an unknown for each of us. Go wherever obedience calls us. (Rule of Life, no 12).



Our Pilgrimage now continues its march towards our next future, putting all our trust in Jesus, our guide.


Sr Jeanine D’Amours dj

Rimouski, Canada


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