A day for remembering at Kermaria

01 journée souvenirIn the context of the centenary

of the 1914 -1918 war,

a concert recalling the songs and texts of the time was given

in the chapel of the Mother House of Kermaria on the 11th November.



Numerous cars from the different regions of Brittany invade the parking areas. The public fill the chapel.

The ensemble of four choirs from Locminé and roundabout, made up of 130 choristers dressed in black and white, is impressive.

A booklet: “Songs of the 1914 – 1918 War” help the audience to follow the diverse and very nuanced interpretations which provoke tears and joy.

They emphasise

  • The arrival of the wounded soldiers03 journée souvenir
  • The welcome given to them by those in responsibility and the sisters
  • The care given by the nursing sisters: Red Cross, D.J.s
  • The successive departures and arrivals
  • The gratitude shown (letters received)
  • The human values displayed: courage, patriotism, living together
  • The active participation in the funerals of the sisters
  • The supplications and prayers to St Joseph

Life in the trenches of Northern France is also evoked, as well as the many, many soldiers, of different nations, who signed up and died for their country.

In the words of many present, it was “beautiful, moving, a message of fraternity, peace and life.”

02 journée souvenir


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