Sr Louise Provencher,in community in Trois Rivières, Canada,Image3tells us how she puts some life into seniors’ residences through music.

I go to several seniors’ residences, with my accordion, to animate with songs, music and sometime with dancing.

One afternoon, I was approached by the person in charge of activities: « Sr.Louise, we would like to have a pastoral agent in the house. Some residents are lonely. They have no visitors, they experience difficulties with their children, they have nobody to talk to ». I replied « Poor you, the churches are closing, who is going to pay for a pastoral agent? Once again, it will be the residents. I will enquire and look for a person who could render this service».


A week later I called the person in charge of activities to inform her that I had found a good trustworthy person who would be happy to assume this post, in the person of Sr. Louise Provencher. I am available for a few periods in the week.

As a consequence, I do a lot of listening in 6 units. Sometimes, I go in the rooms, (mourning, difficulties…). In groups of 6-7 residents, we chat, we laugh, we sing, we talk about the past.

I validate certain mothers of families who say «I didn`t accomplish anything with my life» I try to give meaning to their lives. I associate myself closely with all my humanity, and a big open heart to give and receive. «The sisters will redouble their care and tenderness for those who seem the most abandoned» (Rule of life). That is what I am trying to do on a daily basis, humbly, by listening and with my accordion to cheer them up.


Louise Provencher

Vice Province Trois Rivières, Canada



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