Good-bye Marie-Pierre

Marie-Pierre Le Baron, Associate of the Daughters of Jesus since the year 2000, left us on May 7, 2018 at the age of 62, after 4 years of struggle against illness. During her funeral, her friend Marie-Claire retraced her career.

Mie Mierre Le Barron (associée)

“Marie-Pierre was born in Lorient, the daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of sailors of Belle-Ile and Ile d’Arz.

Her listening skills led her to become a professional psychologist for the deaf and hard of hearing for more than 34 years.

Marie-Pierre’s life was always oriented towards others. In her personal and family life as well as in her work, she always put others first. She sought to meet their expectations, even when this meant spending the night filling out forms for the good or the future of a young person and his or her family.

Her sense of friendship and delicacy enabled her to build bonds that endured over time and many can testify to her loyalty.

Her sense of justice, drawn from her family, pushed her to get involved without fear of the consequences of her firm convictions. At the same time, she was a very discreet person.

Her thirst for God and her spiritual quest made her a contemplative in life, always open to the world and what was going on, as in her engagement as an Associate of the Daughters of Jesus.

Her time of sickness was the confirmation of all these human and spiritual qualities, lived out in action and in truth. Since her departure, we have received many testimonies that emphasize her courage, her smile, her kindness, her heroism and humility, expressed quietly and simply, despite the suffering she went through.

Whether present or absent, those who have crossed her path will always be able to draw from the bonds woven the strength to cross the sea to arrive on the other shore. “

Marie-Claire PERSON




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