Go forth in the power within you

Saturday, September 10th, a special day at Kermaria, Three Rivers (Quebec, Canada)!

It is the date of our Vice-Provincial Assembly. Sisters and Associates are present. Moreover, we have the joy of having with us, Sr. Micheline Cormier, Superior general of our Congregation and Sr. Colette Gélinas, General councillor.assemblee1

After the welcoming remarks made by Sr. Denise Héroux, Sr. Monique Brûlé, who has recently terminated her mandate as Vice-provincial, hands the torch to Sr. Gisèle Lacerte with these words: ‘On the path set by our founding Sisters and at the end of my six years in the service of the vice-province, I entrust the torch to you. A beautiful mission! You will never be alone because the Lord told you one day: ‘I chose you and commissioned you to go out and to bear fruit, fruit that will last.Jn15, 16

Gisèle, with the help of the capitulants, presents the main orientations of our General chapter held this past summer:

“In communion with all the sisters and associates of the Congregation, we allowed ourselves to be moved by the situations of our brothers and sisters of the different continents. In the footsteps of our founders, we deepened the question: “How can we be born anew of the fire of love, in this world which is ours, in the Church, in our lives as members of our Congregation?” (…)The chapter members have suggested some options for the coming years:

  • The treasure we hold
  • Come to the water
  • Move towards the edges
  • A church without frontiers
  • Caring for our “common home”

Sr. Paquerette Dessureault, Provincial, in turn, sends Gisèle on mission: “Gisèle, the Lord has chosen to entrust to your care the vice-province of Three Rivers. Through the constant contemplation of the Good Shepherd, may you become his eyes, his hands and his heart in the midst of all the Sisters committed to your care: ‘ Go in the power within you, spreading Light, bearing Life and sharing your treasures with the five communities in the Vice-province!”img_3109

Afterwards, Sr. Pâquerette bids farewell to Srs. Micheline and Colette: “In the name of all the Sisters of the Canadian Province, I simply want to affirm that we will carry with you the beautiful and demanding mission entrusted to you by the General Chapter (…) Go, in the power within you, to be life-bearers in the thirteen countries where the Daughters of Jesus are attentive to the challenges faced today by the world, by the Church and by the Congregation.”img_3205

In conclusion, Gisèle invites the Sisters to bless Micheline and Colette; “We extend our hands and sing: May the Lord bless and keep you…”

An impression at the end of the assembly:

’This half-day spent with the Sisters and Associates gave me great joy. I rejoice in the theme, “Today, born anew of the fire of love in this world which God loves”. Let us not forget that we carry this treasure in an earthen vessel and that only the grain that dies can bear fruits of hope”. Sr. Angèle Lépine

S. Agnès Miquel, Vice-Province of Trois-Rivières



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