Welcome the people, simply as they are

The sisters of the Rimouski Vice-provincial House (Canada) share with us this beautiful experience of welcoming tinged with love and tenderness.

porteExperience of welcoming
Every year, the sisters of the Rimouski Vice-provincial House transform their community into a « welcoming home » as the author-composer-performer, Robert Lebel, tells us in his songs..famille

“Transform your house,
Into a hotel that greets
And welcomes the people,
Simply as they are,
Or without distinction,
You make room for whoever comes,
Taking in their sorrows and their questions.”

During the past five years, having chosen life so as to humanize in the way Jesus would, the community became a space of welcoming and sharing. Each one of the sisters opened wide her heart to be a sign of life, of humanity and of hope with the members of the Foundation on Leukodystrophies.

logoLeukodystrophy is a fatal degenerative disease of the children whose life expectancy, in the best cases, can reach 30 years. The community accommodates parents and children for a weekend at home.


The testimonies and acknowledgements of the members of the Foundation on Leukodystrophies, show that our community, radiant with tenderness and peace, is a path of life which gives hope and courage to go forward. Notre communauté est chemin de vie en rayonnant de tendresse et de paix, pour donner espoir et courage d’aller plus loin selon les témoignages et les merci des membres de la fondation sur les leucodystrophies.christina

Testimonials from the committee and parents of the Foundation on Leukodystrophies

“The Daughters of Jesus have accommodated for many years the families of children suffering from leukodystrophy. They welcome us and allow us to relax, rest and refresh our ideas. They look after the children while the parents share among themselves. Even if my children are only teenagers or young adults, they always look forward to this weekend so as to meet again with the sisters with whom they have created special bonds of friendship. They rediscover important values in their life. Thank you very much to be there for us.
The family of Vernette–Gonthier Johanne and Martin, Audrey, William Olivier and Matthewfamille dehors

“« Dear Sister Jeanne d’Arc and all the Daughters of Jesus of Rimouski, we wish to thank you most sincerely for allowing the children suffering from leukodystrophy and their parents to meet every year at your convent in Rimouski and this time for the fifth year. This gives us the occasion to take a break from loneliness and to get mutual comfort in this peaceful environment.»

«For us, you are real mothers who cherish us and take care of us. This gives us the energy to follow our path of life until next year.» Johanne

«Thank you so much for being there and we hope that this friendship story will last for a long, long time.»

adultes«The Daughters of Jesus have been welcoming our sick children just as if they were their own.»

««Thank you for your great generosity, you who allow isolated families to meet every year. Without you, this would not be possible. »

« In the community your commitment is unique. For the Foundation on Leukodystrophies, you make a difference. »

Sr Jeanne d’Arc Dubé d.j. and Marguerite Dubé d.j.


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