Sunday 31 July – Thanksgiving Mass at Kermaria

Following a well-established tradition, the capitulants, the Sisters, and the Associates of the Congregation gathered together at the Motherhouse, Kermaria, to celebrate a thanksgiving Mass to mark the end of the General Chapter 2022 of the Daughters of Jesus.

The Mass

The Mass was concelebrated by Mᵍʳ Raymond Centène, Bishop of the Diocese of Vannes, with Father Faustin from Locminé and Father Henri, present at Kermaria as chaplain during the summer. At the altar, we also had the great joy of seeing Réjean Lévesque again, this time in his capacity as a permanent deacon. Réjean is an Associate of the Congregation in Canada and had been one of the Associate delegates invited to participate in the first week of the Chapter.

We saw the idea of a ‘Congregational-Body’ take form in the assembly of those present :

  • The capitulants of all the entities of the Congregation,
  • Sisters in community at the Motherhouse, in Brittany and further afield,
  • Associates and other lay people.

We also saw what it means to be a member of a large international, intergenerational, diverse, and multi-colored religious family!

Watch for yourself

Click on the triangle to watch the whole Mass.

The reception

And of course, you cannot end a General Chapter without raising a glass, outside in the courtyard, in beautiful sunshine.

A moment for finding yourself among friends, making new friends, and sharing the joy of the occasion!


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