Where are we coming from? What is our treasure? These little questions have enabled us to drink from the source of living water, to be moved before the grandeur of God shown in the Congregation and in each of us.


Coming from the district of Haiti and the provinces of Africa and Latin America, we have brought the life of our people, the Church, of which we are a member, the view of the charism as we live it.

We listen to the different realities of a world which “progresses” but which in other ways reflects violence, corruption and politics which bring about division, inequality and dissatisfaction. A world marked by the dynamics of capitalism where the powerful prevent opportunities for others and deny them the right to dignified living conditions. In this reality we find the Church which walks between light and darkness with the prophets of hope. But at the same time she has many challenges to overcome which demand a positive announcement of the Gospel in this society.

Presentacion de prov

With appreciation, we see that our charism of humanization provides an answer, a real consolation for a society in which the little people continue to be excluded. In our houses, the poor find a place; we find that our charism and our options are a possibility for the Kingdom. Even if the congregation is small, it is not dead: our older sisters continue to accompany us with their treasure: their witness and their prayer. In our sharing we felt a profound desire to renew our missionary dynamism.


Finally, we presented the treasure which we have as provinces and district and personally. Indeed, the Congregation is built on the treasures of faith and courage of our founders and of all the sisters who preceded us. As a symbol, we put our ‘treasures’ in an old suitcase which represents the big treasure, our spiritual inheritance, which comes from our founders. We are aware that treasures are shared: We couldn’t have a Congregation if others hadn’t preserved and shared their own treasures.



Ada Cristina Cruz y Viviana Forero FJ


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