Calling today « In the way Jesus did »

In the area around Latronquière, the members of the Pastoral Animation Team carry out their mission: they call on other people to share it at very simple and different levels.Paroisse Latronquière

  • Annette calls on Annie to decorate the church,
  • Colette, an adult, comes at the invitation of Rémi to do catechism,
  • Nadine and Sylvie dare to come to the parish Jubilee at Rocamadour, because they are invited by
  • Joëlle, invited by Marie to a meeting of the members of the Diaconia team, gets involved in a diocesan team,
  • Aline encourages Marie-Thérèse, Isabelle, Nathalie and a whole group of women to come together, to come out of their solitude and the silence of their homes, to fEglise Latronquièreind enjoyment in helping one another,
  • Jean-Marie calls on Francis to accompany him in his Diaconate which leads the latter to pose other questions,
  • Lucienne, enriched by accompanying Baptisms, shares his discoveries with his own family,
  • Gisèle calls on those who are the most suited to support mourning families and to prepare the funeral,
  • Marie takes part in the diocesan hospitality at Lourdes and gives a week as a volunteer with Jeanine,
  • Diocèse CahorsSr. Marie Emmanuel goes to one or the other and says, « There’s something I’m not familiar with…”
  • Sr. André Marie with another person prepares the grave of an old man without any family…

On the roads of Palestine and in the places where we live, the Call is still being renewed today … and I give glory to God with my Sisters!

Marie-Jo of the Province South-West France


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