A hundred years, it’s time to celebrate

On July 23rd in Vaylats (Lot-France), Sr Marie-Cécile invites us to celebrate her 100th birthday and 80 years of religious life, her “oak jubilee”.


Let us exult with joy: the reign of God is close at hand! He is in our midst!

Sr Christiane recalls her presence in Vaylats over 62 years, 32 of which she spent as a teacher. Imbued with the gene of music from the cradle, her blue eyes still know how to shine when she hears music that pleases her.

Together with the Sisters, her niece Marie-Cécile and her husband, the residents, employees, and members of the Association Jean Liausu are taking part in the celebration.

We give thanks in the Eucharist presided over by Father Conte. The latter is now a regular as it is his third Centenary in the house. Remain in me, the Gospel of the day tells us.


Take Lord and receive … may I only love you …


At the moment of the Offertory, each Sister of the Community offers a red rose to signify along with Sr Marie-Cécile, the gift she makes today of her life.

“Without seeing You we love You, without seeing You we believe and rejoice, sure that You save us, we believe in You!”

Hail Mary


We are invited to “turn our hearts to Mary, our Mother, so that through her motherly love she may help us all to continue along the path of life, in the trust and simplicity of Children of God”. Doesn’t Mary -Cecilia say something of Jesus’ message which invites us to,” become again like children in the hand of God”?

Her niece Marie-Cecile sings a Hail Mary composed by her grandfather.

It’s a Jubilee, shout for Joy


Pascal, who works in the house and is standing in for the Mayor, says to us:

To be 100 years old is a beautiful gift of life! Living through all these periods is a richness without price … with the virus of music! From the year 1920 marked by the Spanish flu to the present day Covid 19 100 years! And you are the fifth centenarian in the village! With this bouquet of flowers, all of the inhabitants their wishes of good health and Happy birthday to you! »

As his father, Jean Jucla, was the founder of the Tonneins “blue pompoms band”, it is to the sound of this music that we continue on to the party prepared by the Association with a good glass of … can you guess ?

“Lord, you gave me this gift…

more precious than wealth,

You gave me life!

For that daily miracle,

For this wonderful gift,

For your goodness, always renewing life.

For your Love, ceaselessly multiplying life:


(Minh Chau)


The Sisters of the community of Vaylats, France


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