A wonderful activity – a cruise!

Who would have thought that being in our 80s and over, we would go on a cruise? Well, that’s exactly the opportunity we got at Royal Court in Riverview, New Brunswick. 

What better way to get to know the culture, the richness and beauty of another country?  What an opportunity to expand our knowledge and be part of such a project with the residents here at Royal Court! It is in complete freedom that eight of us, the Sisters, decided to embark on this journey and we are very happy with the experience.


On April 17, 2023, we got our boarding pass. In addition, we also received the itinerary for the 4 days.  Just like that, we were off for our cruise!  We met our captain and from that moment on, various activities had been carefully planned for us.

Every day there was something different.  These activities allowed us to learn more about Hawaii, its culture, beauty and of course the food.  The second day, a beautiful video of the Island of Hawaii was presented to us including facts, anecdotes and much more.  Really interesting!

Comments from some participants

  •  “As all the imaginary trips we had experienced so far had been very interesting, I was very keen this year to be able to go to Hawaii, especially since I did not even know where these islands were located. So I prepared myself by first searching for information on the Internet. This really helped me enjoy everything we experienced during this cruise. » RP
  •  “I chose to go to Hawaii on a cruise since I am greatly attracted by boats, water and especially the sea.  The trip was superb! I don’t know who was more fascinated, the whales approaching the boat or the cruise passengers on their trip… For a grand  trip to Hawaii … take a cruise! » AL
  •  “Nancy, our activity director, does so much for us: Everything was prepared; it seemed inviting.  I felt I would enjoy it so I decided to participate.  Being on the cruise with the other passengers was an exciting experience » MW
  • “Very happy to participate in this cruise to Hawaii.  I was the first one to board the cruise ship. It was a very enriching adventure. I had a lot of fun participating in the activities and meeting the other passengers. »JL
  • “I particularly enjoyed meeting the other passengers for certain activities such as preparing a decor for our cabin door, dancing, playing games, and also a small painting class.” JB

 It’s amazing what one’s imagination can produce once given free rein …  Everyone who participated was very pleased with this four-day cruise. 

At the end of these four wonderful days at sea, we returned to Royal Court.  Who knows where we will end up next year?

Jeanne Comeau, fj,

Riverview, N.B.   Canada


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