A time of prayer and reflection


We invite you to pray with us the morning prayer of the 20th Juprésentationly which introduced the day’s work in “assemblies” : Feedback from the Provinces and districts.

The opening hymn « God of Tenderness and Mercy » was by a Canadian, Richard Vidal.

Ps. 145


Extracts from our Rule of Life

We believe that

in the mystery of his Incarnation

Jesus gives meaning to our lives today. RL 5


The Church inspired by the Holy Spirit,

ceaselessly proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ,

who came into our history

to save mankind and to reveal the Father.

We are called as a Congregation and as a community

to share in this universal mission of the Church. RL 13

A prayer of Father Noury


“O God who is infinitely good,

give me light so that I may contemplate you,

give me tenderness so that I may love you.

Purify my regard so that I may regard only you,

purify my hands so that they may work only for you,

purify my feet so that they may follow only you.

May my heart burn continually with the sacred fire of your love.”


« Ô Dieu infiniment bon,

donnez-moi la lumière pour vous contempler,

donnez- moi la tendresse pour vous aimer.

Purifiez mon regard afin qu’il ne regarde que vers vous,

purifiez mes mains pour qu’elles n’œuvrent que pour vous,

purifiez mes pieds pour qu’ils ne suivent que vous.

Faites que mon cœur brûle continuellement du feu sacré de votre amour. »




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