A School of Prayer in Limoges


For 14 years now a School of Prayer for children aged 9 – 10 takes place in Limoges over a period of 3 days. Each year the team in charge chooses the Patron Saint of a religious congregation that is present in the diocese.


A Home for Jesus

In 2020, the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus was chosen to speak about Joseph the Just One, the Confident One, the Strong One. I was invited to participate in this activity for 60 children and 20 adult animators – to build a house for Jesus” as St. Joseph had done. In small group workshops, the children built a house. with pieces of wood. In the afternoon they presented a scenic play. Their presentation evoked the life of St. Joseph at Nazareth, the flight and exile into Egypt and his return home.


The play continued with the Story of the Daughters of Jesus. We viewed with admiration the scene of Father Noury and his parishioners.


During the Thursday evening vigil, I gave my testimony.




  • The depth of the children’s questions
  • Their deep faith given their young age
  • Their joy in believing!



  • “Your life is like a job that you love.”
  • “In my family we pray every day and when I go to Holy Communion I feel joy in my heart.”
  • “St. Joseph was a teacher: he taught Jesus his trade as a man and he knew what it’s like to be a migrant.”
  • Could Joseph be a mediator in our modern recomposed families?”


A Question

Questions remain as to how welcome children of different origins and skin colour in a group?

A Eucharistic celebration, presided by Bishop Bozzo of Limoges, concluded these beautiful days. Everyone left with a holy picture and prayer to Saint Joseph.



A song to Saint Joseph

During the day the children composed a song to St Joseph.


“Be fair, strong and confident,

Like Saint Joseph, humble and patient,

To build in the depths of my heart

A home for Jesus, my Saviour.”


St Joseph, teach me to listen,

St Joseph, teach me to praise,

St Joseph, teach me to pray,

So Jesus can dwell in my heart.

St Joseph, teach me to forgive,

St Joseph, teach me to share,

St Joseph, teach me to love,

Happy are those who are pure of heart, they will see God.”


Sr Liliane Abgrall fj


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