A “rewarding” ministry

Sister Jeannette Nadeau, of the Daughters of Jesus of Alberta, western Canada, has volunteered at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton since 2003. The spring of 2017, she was rewarded for her “outstanding contribution” to the Institute and to its patients.


Leaders in cancer care


Since its inception in 1968, Cross Cancer Insitute has been a leader in innovative cancer research, prevention and care initiatives. Among these initiatives are psycho-social and spiritual care. http://albertacancer.ca/cross-cancer-institute




An outstanding pastoral ministry

Sr Jeanette visits the patients every week, brings them Holy Communion and is attentive to their needs and those of their family members. In the course of her pastoral ministry which began in 2003, she has accumulated 1000 hours of visitation which the Cross Cancer Institute recognized as an outstanding contribution to the people.


An annual volunteer appreciation and awards dinner was held May 25th, 2017 at St. Basil’s Cultural Center in Edmonton, however Jeannette was unable to attend due to other commitments. She was given her 1000 hour pin in recognition of her accomplishment at a later date.





Signs of God’s presence


In her own words, Jeanette says:


“Visiting the cancer patients, sharing with them the Word of God

and offering them communion

are a challenging, wonderful and joyful part of my ministry.

Their faith, courage,

patience and strength are signs of God’s presence for me.”


Sr Florence Lavigne f.j. ,Edmonton, Province Canada


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