A message of hope

In the silence of these days

Let’s take the time to enter into ourselves

There’s so much love

That we can’t keep it to ourselves

Let’s open our hearts and reach out our hands

Let’s not be afraid of tomorrow

With a smile, with words

The joy of life will be even more beautiful.


Let’s look at each other gently

Let us all choose compassion

As if we were offering a flower

Let’s believe together with passion

That the sun will soon shine

In our looks in our smiles

Lights are going to come on

Let’s not lose our joie de vivre.


To all of those who are listening to these words

I would like to say with fervour

There’s nothing more beautiful

Than uniting heart to heart

Let’s walk together hand in hand

And share the same bread

We have a hope to bring to flower

Let us keep in our hearts this peace that makes us alive.


Sr Agnès Miquel, fj, Rennes, France

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