The 1st May 2016

On the 1st May this year a group of sisters and associates took charge of the families who had responded to the Congregation’s invitation to come and celebrate the Feast of St Joseph at Kermaria (France).

1er Mai 2016 02

In beautiful sunshine, the group advanced in procession from the oratory of St Joseph the poor to the chapel, followed by the priests and Monsignor Herbreteau, the Bishop of Agen.

1er Mai 2016 04During the Mass, the parents, children and young people clapped along to the rhythm of the opening hymn …

directed by Jeannine Léon, an associate, they also accompanied the alleluia and the sung Our Father with gestures.

1er Mai 2016 13 PG

Subject of reflection for the parents and children

“Living our differences as brothers and sisters »

Based on the biblical text of Joseph and his brothers.

The reflection began with the story « Joseph and his brothers ».

According to age, each group joined a different workshop.

1er Mai 2016 01The youngest made a cube with sentences from the Bible and a salt-shaker

1er Mai 2016 09JPGThe 9 – 11s discovered an animated film telling the story of the life of Joseph

and his brothers

1er Mai 2016 08JPGThe teenagers looked at what brought them together and what differentiated them …

The final sharing finished with the Our Father accompanied by gestures …

1er Mai 2016 05The parents also reflected and worked in two groups on their family life

Before separating, all of the groups had afternoon tea together. Content with the beautiful day they had spent at Kermaria, they have already arranged to meet again on the 1st May 2017.

1er mai 2016 12


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